The Damned (1962) (0.5/4)

Damned, The

Legal and illegal criminality. An American tourist with a boat is robbed by a gang of teenager boys, assisted by the leader's sister. But soon afterward she jumps to the victim's boat to escape her brother's incestuous jealousy. The couple fly together and is hunted by the entire gang. Both happen to enter high-classified military territory. There might be a third and atomic world war, after which no ordinary man could survive. But now and then children are born who are "naturally" radio-active and have cold blood. They might survive in the post-war world and carry on mankind. They are fetched and brought to an underground construction where they are educated by TV. They are told that they are on a space ship moving toward the earth, which they should eventually colonize. This military project seems to be a failure because of a high mortality among the children. - The military soon finds the gang. The couple finds the children and tries to help them to escape. This situation will develop into psychological and other horror.

Summary written by Max Scharnberg, Stockholm, Sweden

Directed by: Joseph Losey
The cast includes: Macdonald Carey (Simon Wells), Shirley Anne Field (Joan), Oliver Reed (King), Alexander Knox (Bernard), Walter Gotell (Major Holland)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 96 minutes
Presented in: BW
Related categories: Hammer Films

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