Miracle Mile (1988) (3/4)

Miracle Mile

Harry finally meets the girl of his dreams--on the last day of Earth. Harry mistakenly picked up a ringing pay phone to learn that a nuclear war had already begun. Now with a ticking clock and a rioting city deteriorating around him, Harry must guide Julie to safety. But can he save himself as lawlessness becomes the norm and terror grips every living soul in the city?

Summary written by Tim Kretschmann {Tim.K@VirComm.com}

Directed by: Steven de Jarnatt
The cast includes: Anthony Edwards (Harry Washello), Mare Winningham (Julie Peters), John Agar (Ivan Peters), Lou Hancock (Lucy Peters), Denise Crosby (Landa)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 87 minutes
Presented in: Color
Awards: (1988) US Film Festival (through 1989) - In Competition: Dramatic - Steven de Jarnatt
(1989) Independent Spirit Award - Best Screenplay (nom) - Steven de Jarnatt
(1989) Independent Spirit Award - Best Supporting Actress (nom) - Mare Winningham
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Related categories: Atomic SciFi, End of the World, Television

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