The Langoliers (1995) (3/4)

Langoliers, The

When a plane passes through a mysterious time warp, all but a few onboard vanish. The survivors manage to land, and discover that time seems to stand still--and the mysterious Langoliers are in hot pursuit. The Langoliers' job is to erase moments in time that have already passed into history. The survivors still exist because they were asleep when the plane passed through the warp, and they determine that if they can all be asleep once again when the plane returns, they will survive. However, one passenger must remain awake--and doomed to die--to pilot the plane on its return through the warp...

Directed by: Tom Holland
The cast includes: Patricia Wettig (Laurel Stevenson), Dean Stockwell (Bob Jenkins), David Morse (Captain Brian Engle), Mark Lindsay Chapman (Nick Hopewell), Stephen King (Tom Holby)
Also known as: Stephen King's The Langoliers
MPAA rating: , Running time: 180 minutes
Presented in: Color
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Related categories: Stephen King, Time Travel, Other Dimensions, and Alternate Realities

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