The Postman (1997) (3/4)

Postman, The

In 2013, war has destroyed most of US, including the government. A solitary traveler is captured by a fascist military group called the Holnists led by Hitler-like General Bethlehem. When he escapes from the Holnists he finds an abandoned mail Jeep and uniform, and starts to travel through small cities, telling them he is a postman, a representative of the restored United States. Nobody believes him at first, but soon he has followers, and they start to prepare a revolt against Holnists.

Directed by: Kevin Costner
The cast includes: Kevin Costner (The Postman), Will Patton (General Bethlehem), Larenz Tate (Ford Lincoln Mercury), Olivia Williams (Abby), James Russo (Idaho), Daniel von Bargen (Sheriff Briscoe of Pineville), Tom Petty (Bridge City Mayor)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 178 minutes
Presented in: Color
Related categories: Heroes and Heroines, Views of the Future

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