King Solomon's Mines (1950) (4/4)

King Solomon's Mines

Guide Allan Quartermain helps a young lady (Betty) find her lost husband somewhere in Africa. It's a spectacular adventure story with romance, because while they fight with wild animals and cannibals they fall in love. Will they find the lost husband and finish the nice connection?
Summary written by Kornel Osvart {}

Directed by: Compton Bennett
The cast includes: Deborah Kerr (Elizabeth Curtis), Stewart Granger (Allan Quatermain), Richard Carlson (John Goode)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 102 minutes
Presented in: Color
Awards: (1950) Academy - Best Color Cinematography (win) - Robert Surtees
(1950) Academy - Best Editing (win) - Ralph Winters
(1950) Academy - Best Editing (win) - Conrad A. Nervig
(1950) Academy - Best Picture (nom) -
(1950) Golden Globe - Best Cinematography - Color (win) - Robert Surtees
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