From Hell It Came (1957) (1/4)

From Hell It Came

This uproariously bad monster mess is set on a remote tropical island, where a native prince places a curse on the elders just prior to his execution for breaking tribal law, promising to return from the dead for revenge. He does, of course -- but he can only manage to return from the grave as a giant walking tree. (His obvious displeasure with having assumed this shape is indicated by the tree-thing's permanently constipated expression.) There is some indication given that his resurrection has something to do with atomic testing taking place on the island, but this is obviously incidental to the real plot, which treats viewers to endless scenes of natives running in horror from a shambling, ticked-off rubber stump. In print, this sounds like broad comedy material, but the only laughs to be found in this clunker are purely unintentional. -- Cavett Binion

Directed by: Dan Milner
The cast includes: Tod Andrews (Dr. William Arnold), Tina Carver (Dr. Terry Mason), Linda Watkins (Mrs. Mae Kilgore)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 71 minutes
Presented in: BW
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Related categories: Horror, Nature Runs Amok

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