The Mystery of the Mary Celeste (1935) (1/4)

Mystery of the Mary Celeste, The

This chiller speculates upon a haunting real-life mystery that occurred off the English coast on December 5, 1872 where the American ship Marie Celeste was found drifting with her sails set at half-mast with absolutely no one on board. According to the film, the crewmen were murdered by captain Anton Lorenzen, whose lust for vengeance against a mutinous first mate six years before drives him insane. The film is also titled Mystery of the Marie Celeste. -- Sandra Brennan

Directed by: Denison Clift
The cast includes: Bela Lugosi (Anton Lorenzen), Shirley Grey (Sarah Briggs), Arthur Margetson (Capt. Benjamin Briggs), Edmund Willard (Toby Bilson)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 61 minutes
Presented in: BW

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