Battlestar Galactica DVD Review

What if god decided he’d made a mistake? What if he decided to give souls to another species? – Another DVD Review by John D’Amico.

Battlestar Galactica
The Film:
BSG BoxOnce in a blue moon, something special happens. This special event, the Holy Grail of remakes, is when a remake is BETTER than what it is based on. This has only happened in the genre world a few times, most notably with Dracula and The Thing, though the jury is still out on those. The Battlestar Galactica miniseries is one such event.   Battlestar Galactica is a remake in the same way that The Thing was; which means it acknowledges some of the events of the original, and could almost be considered a sequel. Battlestar Galactica is far more serious, resembling the “dark” Space: Above and Beyond in tone, and draws many parallels to real-life world affairs. The Cylon War, which ended forty years before the miniseries takes place, is analogous to our Cold War, where we associated with a group (Mujahadden) that later attacked us. The catastrophic attack that opens the film, in which the 12 colonies (the home worlds of the characters) are simultaneously destroyed amidst chaos and confusion, is chillingly reminiscent of the events of 9/11. The people act as real people would (and did) in such a situation. Some panicked, some were noble, and some became selfish monsters. This is the sci-fi equivalent of cinema verité, and I only hope it will be used more often.

The DVD:

Featuring a vaguely interesting “making-of” featurette and sci-fi channel promo called “Battlestar Galactica: The Lowdown,” the shining star on this DVD is the audio commentary by Michael Rymer (director), David Eick, and Ron Moore (Executive Producers). The deleted scenes are fascinating as well, providing an interesting glimpse into blue-screen acting and showing unfinished effects shots.
You can get a copy at, as well as the entire original series. Also be on the lookout for the upcoming TV series, which airs January 14. It’s already on in Britain, and is apparently as good as the miniseries.
Battlestar Galactica