Dawn of the Dead DVD Review

DVD review of Dawn of the Dead The Ultimate Edition by John D’Amico

George A. Romero’s
Dawn of the Dead
The Ultimate Edition
Ulimate DODThe specs for the long-awaited Ultimate Edition of Romero’s masterpiece Dawn of the Dead are now out, and Anchor Bay has outdone themselves again.. Most notable for conglomerating the 118-minute European Cut, 139-minute Extended Cut (used in the 1979 Cannes Film Festival), and the 127-minute US Theatrical Cut of the film into one set, this set has a laundry list of extras.
  • The feature length documentary Document of the Dead A new 75-minute documentary entitled The Dead Will Walk. On-set home movies will a commentary by Robert LangerA tour of the Monroeville Mall with Ken ForeeTrailers, TV spots, & radio spots (international and domestic)Poster galleryRomero bioComic book previewMonroeville Mall commercialMemorabilia gallery Production stillsArgento bioAudio commentary of the US Theatrical Version with George Romero,Tom Savini, and Chris Romero, moderated by Perry Martin, the producer of the DVDAudio commentary of the Extended Version with producer Richard P. Rubinstein, also moderated by Perry Martin
  • Audio commentary of the European Version with David Emge, Ken Foree, Scott H. Reiniger, and Gaylen Ross
With the exception of The Alien Quadrilogy (a benchmark for fully-loaded DVDs that will probably stand for a long time), this looks to be the best genre DVD on the market. It’s nice to see classics like Dawn of the Dead get the treatment they deserve. At $34.99 at Amazon.com, you’d be crazy not to get this set, even if you already have one of the earlier releases.