Jaws 30th Anniversary DVD



JawsIf you’re like me, you’ve seen Jaws a good many times cut-up and full screen on network TV, enough to dilute the power of it. For people like me, the 30th Anniversary edition of Spielberg’s magnum opus is a godsend. This beautiful looking, beautiful sounding widescreen transfer is as close to seeing it for the first time again as we can gonna get.

Viewed like this, it?s suddenly easy to remember why we love Jaws so.It’s the interaction that makes this film so incredible. Hooper, the science-minded rich boy bounces off the snarling, Ahabian Quint. Brody, the practical, uncertain one bounces off of both of them, never quite able to choose a side. In the film’s best scene, the three bond over scar-comparison and old sea songs. And then the shark comes back and, well, we all know what happens.

It’s no secret that Jaws is a great movie, but what does bear noting is just how good this DVD version is. Featuring a two-hour making-of documentary, a previously unavailable interview with Spielberg, outtakes, deleted scenes, and a clip from a British TV show that visited the set; the 30th Anniversary DVD doesn?t have  laundry list of extras, but a few carefully selected important and compelling ones. You can pick it up here.

Bruce the Shark