Sliders DVD Review

DVD review of “Sliders: Duel Dimension Edition” the complete frst and second seasons by John D’Amico

Sliders: Dual-Dimension Edition
The First and Second Seasons

Sliders DVDDuring its original run, Sliders was often unfairly criticized as a Quantum Leap rip-off. While there are undeniable similarities in their plots, I always thought that Sliders was a better show, especially in its first few seasons. In the first two or three episodes, the acting is a little stilted, with the exception of the inimitable John Rhys-Davies. The attempts at humor often fall flat, but the individual epsisodes (in the first two seasons, plots include the failure of the American Revolution, an asteroid threatening earth, the western US is a separate nation, and Prohibition is still in effect) are just interesting enough to overcome it. As the show aged, the writing grew more mature and the acting strengthened. By the show’s second season, it was great genre TV.

Unfortunately, Universal’s DVD has two flaws, one of which detracts from the show itself. The first problem is the packaging. In lieu of writing the usual description and extras list on the back of the box, Universal has affixed a pamphlet to the side of it, which is distracting and will get ripped if left on, and the adhesive tears the silver covering off the case if you remove it. The other, more serious flaw is that the episodes are presented in the order in which they aired, as opposed to the order in which they were meant to be shown. This is inexcusable. Watched in that order, linear plotlines are lost and the ending of one episode (Summer of Love) is shown before the actual episode.
On the plus side, the video quality is great, and the audio is significantly improved from its original run. The extras are more than adequate for a show as old as Sliders, especially the audio commentary over the pilot episode. The package is great; a silver/purple slipcase that you fit over a clear plastic cover with the discs suspended surprisingly well on a piece of foam, visible through the clear plastic.
If you’re a fan of sci-fi TV, you won’t be disappointed with this set. While not worth the $90 some stores are asking for, it’s definitely worth the $62.99 price tag.
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