Our preview of Gothika and the ClassicSciFi.Com Crazies from 11/2003.

They’re coming to take you away, ha-ha…


GothikaSciFi, fantasy, and horror films have used madness to drive story lines for generations so at ClassicSciFi.Com we’re no stranger to this sub-genre. With the release the new film Gothika, starring Halle Berry and Robert Downey, Jr. opening on November 21, 2003, we thought it the better part of sanity to swing open the asylum doors and present (in no particular order of course) the films starring the ClassicSciFi.Com Crazies.



Our favorites: Tim Curry (Rocky Horror), Colin Clive (Frankenstein), and Gregory Peck (The Boys from Brazil)



Our favorites: Brad Pitt (12 Monkeys), Jack Nicholson (The Shining), and General Ripper (Dr. Strangelove)



Our favorites: Hal 9000 (2001 only), VGER, and Christine