Creatures the World Forgot (1970) (0.5/4)

Creatures the World Forgot

Former Miss Norway Julie Ege stars in this low-budget variation on One Million Years B.C., playing a scantily-clad cave girl who becomes the object of a fierce battle between the contenders for the throne of the tribe's recently-deceased chieftain. The last of the prehistoric adventure films from England's Hammer Studios, this cheap potboiler discards the usual stop-motion or oversized-iguana dinosaurs -- a concept which may be more (pre)historically accurate but is clearly nothing more than a budgetary consideration for the producers. What's left plotwise is little more than the entire grunting, slobbering male cast trying to get into sexy Ege's sabertooth-skin skivvies and brutalizing each other for the privilege (though most of the sex and violence was excised by the distributors to secure a PG rating). The vibrant cinematography is a plus, but there is very little action, and Ege is no Raquel Welch. -- Cavett Binion

Directed by: Don Chaffey
The cast includes: Julie Ege (Nala), Brian O'Shaughnessy (Mak), Tony Bonner (Toomak), Robert John (Rool)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 95 minutes
Presented in: Color
Related categories: Hammer Films

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