Altered States (1980) (3/4)

Altered States

A researcher physically devolves after experimenting with hallucinogens and a sensory deprivation tank.

Directed by: Ken Russell
The cast includes: William Hurt (Professor Eddie Jessup), Blair Brown (Emily Jessup), Bob Balaban (Arthur Rosenberg), Charles Haid (Mason Parrish, Professor of Endocrinology at Harva), Miguel Godreau (Primal Man), Dori Brenner (Sylvia Rosenberg), Drew Barrymore (Margaret Jessup)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 103 minutes
Presented in: Color
Sci-Fi Channel Ranking: 98
Awards: Academy Awards '80
- Best Art Direction/Set Decoration
- Best Original Score
Related categories: Medical, Time Travel, Other Dimensions, and Alternate Realities

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