Escape from New York (1981) (3/4)

Escape from New York

The year is 1997. Due to huge crime rates, the United States turns its once great city of New York into a maximum security prison where hardcore criminals are put for life. All the bridges leading into the city are mined, a large wall is built along the shoreline and a large police force army is based there to stop or kill any attempted escapes. En route to a conference, the President, on board Air Force One, is forced to eject in a pod when a female terrorist takes over the controls and crashes the plane into a building over the city. A new prisoner, ex-soldier Snake Plissken is offered his freedom if he goes in, frees the President and finds a tape with important information for the conference. Snake agrees but to ensure his co-operation he is injected with a small but powerful explosive that will only be destroyed if his mission is successful. Snake must set out into the decaying city, filled with immoral criminals, and he must succeed - for his own life.

Directed by: John Carpenter
The cast includes: Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken), Lee Van Cleef (Bob Hauk), Ernest Borgnine (Cabbie), Donald Pleasence (President of the United States), Isaac Hayes (The Duke of New York), Season Hubley (Girl in Chock Full O''Nuts), Harry Dean Stanton (Brain/Harold Helman), Adrienne Barbeau (Maggie), Charles Cyphers (Secretary of State)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 99 minutes
Presented in: Color
Sci-Fi Channel Ranking: 71
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Related categories: End of the World, Heroes and Heroines, Views of the Future

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