Fate is the Hunter (1964) (3.5/4)

Fate is the Hunter

Airliner crashes near Los Angeles due to unusual string of coincidences. Stewardess, who is sole survivor, joins airline executives in discovering the causes of the crash.

From an Ernest Gann novel, this is a great technical mystery that is screaming for a remake. -- mfd

Directed by: Ralph Nelson
The cast includes: Glenn Ford (Sam C. McBane, Consolidated Airlines Director of E), Nancy Kwan (Sally Fraser, Oceanographer & Jack Savage''s girlf), Rod Taylor (Captain Jack Savage), Suzanne Pleshette (Martha Webster, Stewardess), Jane Russell (Herself, USO Performer in Flashback sequence), Wally Cox (Ralph Bundy, WWII Transport Radio Operator in Flas)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 106 minutes
Presented in: BW
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Related categories: In the Air

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