Wolfen (1981) (3/4)


A city cop is assigned to solve a bizarre set of violent murders where it appears that the victims were killed by animals. In his pursuit he learns of an Indian legend about wolf spirits.

So that's what happened to the Bronx. - mfd

Directed by: Michael Wadleigh
The cast includes: Albert Finney (Dewey Wilson), Diane Venora (Rebecca Neff), Edward James Olmos (Eddie Holt), Gregory Hines (Whittington)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 115 minutes
Presented in: Color
Related titles: Wolf Man, The (1941), I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957), Howling, The (1981), American Werewolf in London, An (1981), Dog Soldiers (2002)
Related categories: Horror, Monsters on the Loose, Mythology

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