End of Days (1999) (2.5/4)

End of Days

In 1979, an innocent newborn girl is secretly patronized by Satanists. Twenty years later, she has developed into a young woman, who is haunted by dreams about one strange man. Meanwhile, private security guard Jericho takes down an old and homeless priest, who tried to shoot Jericho's customer, a successful Wall Street Banker. What Jericho does not know is that Satan himself roams the Streets of New York in order to mate with the chosen girl. If he manages to do so in the last hour before the next millennium, his only chance to get out of his eternal prison is gone and he has to wait another thousand years. Now it is up to atheist Jericho to find the girl before Satan does and protect her from harm. But Jericho does not have a clue who he's up against...

Directed by: Peter Hyams
The cast includes: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Jericho Cane), Gabriel Byrne (The Man/Satan), Robin Tunney (Christine York)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 121 minutes
Presented in: Color
Related categories: End of the World, Horror

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