Dune (1984) (2.5/4)


Set in a distant future where life in the universe and space travel is dependent upon a spice found only on the planet Dune, this film tracks the rise of young Paul Atreides, son of good Duke Lito, from the time of his father's betrayal and murder by a rival lord, Baron Harkonnen, to his discovery of the great secret behind the planet Dune and his own destiny, which is to free the planet and its denizens of the cruel rule of the Emperor.

Directed by: David Lynch
The cast includes: Francesca Annis (Lady Jessica), José Ferrer (Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV), Linda Hunt (Shadout Mapes), Richard Jordan (Duncan Idaho), Kyle MacLachlan (Paul Usul Muad'Dib Atreides), Virginia Madsen (Princess Irulan), Jürgen Prochnow (Duke Leto Atreides)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 140 minutes
Presented in: Color
Awards: (1984) Academy - Best Sound (nom) - Kevin O'Connell
(1984) Academy - Best Sound (nom) - Bill Varney
(1984) Academy - Best Sound (nom) - Steve Maslow
(1984) Academy - Best Sound (nom) - Nelson Stoll

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