Krull (1983) (2.5/4)


An indescribable monster and its army (the Slayers) attack the planet Krull. In order to stop the invaders, two hostile nations decide to join their forces by the marriage of Princess Lyssa and Prince Colwyn. During the ceremony, the Slayers attack the palace, kill both kings, wound Colwyn and kidnap Lyssa. The next morning, the wise Ynyr seeks and finds Colwyn. With Ynyr's help, Colwn gains possession of a magic weapon, a five bladed sword, and together they go on their quest for the indescribable monster's black fortress to free Lyssa.
Summary written by Matthias Scheler {}

Directed by: Peter Yates
The cast includes: Ken Marshall (Prince Colwyn), Lysette Anthony (Princess Lyssa), Liam Neeson (Kegan)
MPAA rating: , Running time: 120 minutes
Presented in: Color
Related categories: Aliens

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