Unsolved Mysteries: Psychics

A DVD Review of two new DVD box sets for the show releases by First Look Media. Psychics and Bizarre Murders.


ImageIf you were ever stuck at home sick in the late 80s to mid 90s, you’ll remember “Unsolved Mysteries.” The campy daytime show featured Robert Stack doing a Twilight Zone-like introduction to various vignettes about purportedly true mysteries and strange occurrences. Vastly influential and consistently entertaining, “Unsolved Mysteries” remains one of the most influential television shows to this day.

Recently, First Look Media released two new DVD box sets for the show, Psychics and Bizarre Murders. Below is a look at the some of the content you’ll see on Psychics.

Life after Lightning – The story of a man who gains psychic powers after getting stuck by lightning. Reportedly predicted in the 1970s the Gulf War and the fall of Communism, this was a fascinating tale rendered turgid and unwatchable through the interviews with the lifeless subjects. Skip past this one.

Pix of the Dead – A bizarre story of a woman who gained notoriety for being able to draw perfect portraits of people.  An intriguing story, a nice change of pace from the traditional psychic story.

Rainboy – A young man who, upon the death of his abusive father, is plagued by indoor rain wherever he goes. Upon his exorcism, he begins to be able to control the rain. A great story, rendered less serious (but more entertaining) by some of the cheesiest re-enactments I’ve ever seen.

Reincarnated Submariner – A hydrophobiac may be the reincarnation of a drowned WWII submariner. My favorite of the bunch.
James Van Praagh – A man (not John Edwards) claims to be able to communicate between dead and living. This is an oft-scrutinized tale, and more than likely Van Praagh is a fraud.

Epilepsy Pooches – The story of an epileptic with a special bond with her guide dog. Great for animal people, worth a view for everyone else.

Plateau Vision – A man has a vision of a missing woman on a mountain. The story of a careless woman who goes hiking in the mountains alone in her old age. A sub-par vignette, through and through.
Psychics is available for purchase here, and Bizarre Murders here. Both are $44.98, or available together for $89.96.